About us

A group of Indian professionals working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after long deliberations, came to the conclusion that the deliverance of the Muslim community lies in education. The other major conclusion they had reached was that there is need to provide quality education at affordable cost. The dream became a reality in the form of Mount Mercy School (MMS), which was inaugurated in June 1999 by the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. C. Rangarajan.

 The school management believes in the values of equality, respect for all faiths and creeds and social justice.  Therefore, it encourages students from all communities and nations to join in to bring about positive change in the society.

There are schools that focus only on academics and work hard to achieve good results in board examinations. There are also schools who believe that the focus should be on the overall personality development of children.

At MMS we have tried to combine all practices which are best for a balanced growth of students. While academics get due attention with an eye on getting superior results, the attention is also focused at developing different talents in the children.

We are amazed at the talents the children have demonstrated with just a little encouragement in academics, oratory, essay writing, fine arts, dramatics, music and sports. We have seen remarkable growth in their confidence levels and self-esteem when we started urging them to take part in various contests in the school and inter-school competitions.

 MMS is a co-education institute from Pre-Primary to Class X. It follows State Syllabus and is recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The school has all along been achieving excellent results in the SSC Examinations.

 The MMS is housed in a three-story building which is designed as a school structure.  It has 38 well-ventilated rooms and other halls. Besides, there is about 1000 square meter of open space in front of the building that is used as school playground.

 The school which has always given due attention to the use of technology in education has introduced Digi-learning or smart- learning from June 2013. Each floor has been equipped with a large board that is used for students from UKG to X.  This new audio-visual aid has brought about a major change in the teaching methods. The students have taken up to Digi-learning in big way.

 The school also boasts of a large modern computer lab wherein students from UKG are introduced to the computer literacy.  The lab is connected with internet.

 With an eye on the health of the school children, the management conducts annual health camps.  It has also resorted to the supply of mineral water for drinking.

 Focus on pre-primary education gets priority at MMS as it is at this stage that a good foundation is laid for the future learning. Therefore, an atmosphere of fun and joy has been created for them where they go about their learning through activities.  While the child is lured towards learning via persuasive techniques, no pressure methods are applied on young minds.

 The one person whom we would like to pay tributes is late Mr. Nawab Haji Khan, a quiet philanthropist and landlord of the school.

Building, who encouraged us in our endeavor and allowed to set up the school at the present premises. May Allah rest his soul in peace. His son Mr Akbar Ali Khan and grandson Mr Imran Ali Khan have continued their support to the running of the school.